Tuesday, September 6

We've moved

We've moved to New Identity. New Layout.
The posts will resume next week. And remember to update your bookmarks and feeds.
See you there.

Monday, September 5

Articulated Shelf

Bertrand Pincemin sent in some of his work. Most notable of all, has to be this articulated shelf, which has been making it's rounds after his recent showcase at the Salone Satellite fair in Milan.

Friday, September 2

Unusal Encounters

Orevo sent me a link to Unusual Encounters, a three part web-based art project. Check it out.

Monday, August 29

IDSA National Conference 2005

The IDSA National Conference 2005. As usual, the guys at core77 covered the whole event. They're very good at it.... covering events.
Here is the core77 blog squad doing their thing. Blog squad live at the IDSA.
Here's the core77 IDSA National Conference 2005 gallery.

Friday, August 26

More from Eva Solo

Eva solo makes some really nice stuff apart from kitchen utensils. Here are some that need mentioning.

Credit card holders.

These hooks might be the best solution for that messed up kitchen.

Wine rack. You can use your imagination and build your own or look
here for some cool ways to set it up.

Memo board. Nothing extraordinary but I just like how it looks.

And finally this set of playing cards with a really nice illustration and a cool case. The cards and cases comes in blue or red.

More at Eva Solo.

Thursday, August 25

Bread bin

Bread bin from eva solo. A great place to store bread, cos it's not too tight-fitting nor too open.

You might've been reading about Colour Lovers a lot lately. Yeah, that's because they're making news. Check out this cool community for..... colour lovers.

Friday, August 19


KidRobot has everything from urban vinyl toys, mini-figures, posters, accessories, action figures to t-shirts.

Some cool Asian Vinyl Figures.

Cool Western Vinyl Figures.

Limited edition soccer ball, designed by artist Ryan McGinness.

KidRobot can be romantic too. Here's a green tea candle. Also available in the seductive scents of Pear, Lily, and Milk.

And, if you're a Gorillaz fan, like me then sign up on their site and you might just win some cool
limited edition gorillaz figures signed by the Gorillaz.

Hit their site for more cool stuff.

Wednesday, August 17


The Aquapub. Need we say more?


Tuesday, August 16

Michael Young's website

Michael Young is one of my favourite designers. Was going through his work and spotted some of his great designs for DEM and Magis.

Candlestick for Sawaya & Moroni

Ashtray for DEM

USB bracelet for DEM

Magis Bedtray for Magis

Sunday, August 14

I Love TV Ads

I'm a big fan of TV adverts. Making TV ads requires a lotta creativity. They guys behind all those cool ads you see on TV, actually go through a lot to pick a tune to go along with the commercials. Like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's song in the Adidas advert or any of those cool tunes from the iPod commercials.
Well, here are a few CD's with music from your favourite TV ads.

I love TV ads - Various Artists

Off your box - Various

Commercial Breaks - Various

Actually, theres this new CD by Sony Music if I'm not wrong. Just saw the Ad on TV but Im not able to find it online. Drop us a line if you do.

Friday, August 12

iPodSubwayMaps and the Mus computer mouse

Parker from CoolHunting found this site called iPodSubwayMaps which I think is a great idea. You just download the map of the subway or MRT as in Singapore and put it on your iPod photo. And then, finding your way is just a few scrolls away.

The Mus computer mouse from Russia's Art. Lebedev.

Tuesday, August 9

Tiger Toys' i-Dog and the Push pin lamp

Every once in a while we have something for dog lovers like those cool Fido Bags. Well, here's another one. The i-Dog. Here's what it does - it puts on a light show, makes limited head movements, plays back and responds to audio connected through its body, plays back a limited variety of songs stored in its own memory, and responds to input from a built-in microphone.

Just remember, you need to feed it with music five minutes every hour and over time, this will give i-Dog a “personality” of “rock/punk” (red outer ring of lights), “dance/techno” (green), or “hip hop/rap” (yellow). Read more.

The Push Pin Lamp. The light bulb fits right into the push pin head, and to make this sucker light up you just press down on the top of the push pin. The lamp has a cork bottom that is great for sticking notes and reminders, too. Perfect for your workplace. Get it here.


Monday, August 8

Top 10 cars in movies

It's kinda off topic, but here are the top 10 cars in movies according to the people at Entertainment Weekly. Btw, Batmobile did not make the list.

1. The Corvette with fangs from Death Race 2000 (1975)
2. The Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit (1977)
3. The `56 T-Bird in American Graffiti (1973)
4. The Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
5. The "family truckster" station wagon from National Lampoon`s Vacation (1983)
6. The Blues Mobile from The Blues Brothers (1980, left)
7. The time-travelin` DeLorean from Back to the Future (1985)
8. The Mustang GT from Bullitt (1968)
9. The Wagon from Kill Bill -- Vol 1. (2003)
10. The titular star of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

<<The Movie Blog>>

Saturday, August 6

Random stuff from 'details' Product Design

Never run out of toilet paper again. Lootable - toilet paper stand by Designer Richard Hutten for details.

Tableshirt Tablecloth by Designer Fernando Brizio. That looks really perfect. Now, carefull with that ketchup.

They also have a whole cool collection of breakfast plates. Click here to see them.


Friday, August 5

Cardboard Helicopter and WORKSHOPPED

This cardboard helicopter has been making it's trip around the blog city the last two days. I had to get it here for you to see. Cardboard helicopter by Shannon Goff at the Susanne Hilberry gallery. Her other works include - a phone made of glazed vitreous china and a mixer in glazed ceramic.

Also on everybody's mouth, is word about the WORKSHOPPED exhibition in Australia - with the best Australian Design.
Here are some designs to watch out for apart from the ones on Mocoloco.

Show Off- a display unit for objects by Amy Cunningham.

C1 by Jonathan Ingram.

Slat by Jo Philippsohn.

Chocoholic by Simon Ancher.

And hey, there's this cool WORKSHOPPED T-shirt. Check it out.

Sculpture competition, Alvin Bagni - Miss Pac table lamp

Calling for entries for the Palm Beach International Sculpture Biennale Competition.

The Palm Beach International Sculpture Biennale is to be one of the leading outdoor sculpture competitions. If you've got the skills, you know where to click.
The Sculpture Biennale Competition will result in a 3 day showcase and 60 day exhibit on the 10-acre site of a new and arts complex, The Cultural Campus, South Florida.

Regine over at Popgadget spotted this table lamp which is a must have for those of us who cant get enough of Pacman. Designed by Alvin Bagni and can be found on Habitat.

Thursday, August 4

Skate Stoppers

Now, we love skateboarders, but hey... skateboarding right in the middle of Orchard Road and knocking out innocent shoppers isnt so cool. Which is why the guys at Skate Stoppers are doing what they're doing.
So if you feel you're front porch is being attacked by the kid next door and his skateboard, get these skate stoppers and install them. And, do warn him about your new skate stoppers cos you dont want him breaking his bones either.

Skate stoppers can be put on benches, curbs, handrails, Fountains, Planters, stages and walls. They have a few models and custom designs to choose from.


Wednesday, August 3

Bus wraps

Bus wraps are cool. Everytime I see a good one here in Singapore I try to get a good shot of it on my cam. Below is HBO's Six Feet Under bus wrap as a part of the ad promotion campaign for their season one DVD. The ad was accepted in New York and Chicago but authorities rejected the ad in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
If you see them on any buses here, quick, grab your cam, click and send it to us. It looks cool, dosen't it?