Wednesday, January 19

DOXA SUB 600T Clive Cussler Edition

For those of you who, who are not so sure about the watchmaker DOXA, it is one of Switzerland's major watchmaker in the canton (district) of Neuchatel's Jura Mountains.
The DOXA SUB 600T Clive Cussler Edition
Dr. Clive Cussler has used his orange face DOXA SUB on all 60 of his successful expeditions throughout the world since 1968. His popular adventure character and Dr. Cussler himself have been wearing the legendary diver watch until today! The orange face DOXA was named in most of Clive Cussler's novels.
The orange face DOXA SUB 600T is a re-edition of the
legendary orange face DOXA, it is manufactured to the same specifications of the original of 1968.